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I've written 37 books now

Or maybe 36, or just 35, depending on the alternativity of our facts. The last book is an e-update with a new title, and then there is another book which essentially is just a special edition of an existing book. Well, the exact number doesn't really matter, because I'm already working on the next one. And there's more, read on, or scroll down. Picture © Dré de Man 2017 (1/250 s f/8 ~85 mm).

A splendid, colorful and enlightened 2017
On the picture: Maastricht New Year 2017 © Dré de Man 2017 (2 x 15 s f/11 ~45 mm)

(c) Dré de Man 2012. On the picture: made at Carnaval in Venice, teh name of the bar si in English is 'The flying Dutchman, which seams - in several aspects - appropriate. Nikon D3s, Nikkor 35mm f/1.4G, 1/60 s f/2.

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Dré de Man

journalism - photography - communication & pr

Dré de Man began his career as a photojournalist in 1982 and as a journalist in 1986. From the outset, he worked as an editor until moving to Germany in 1990. There he worked mainly as a free lance journalist and wrote about several subjects concerning German political and cultural life.

Upon returning to the Netherlands in 1998 he began working in the IT-industry where he received training as a DBA and a programmer. In early 2001 he became editor in chief of the professional IT-magazines Software Release Magazine, Java Magazine and Optimize. In 2008 he launched his own company as a journalist, photographer and author. Three years prior, he started writing books on digital photography.

His knowledge of digital photography is based on the classic photographical training received from the Academie voor fotografie en audiovisuele vormgeving Hans Götze. Technique and densitometry were his favorite subjects; he experimented extensively for many years to develop better techniques for testing lenses. He has done digital photo editing as early as 1994, first with Aldus PhotoStyler, soon with Adobe Photoshop. In 1996 he wrote a lengthy article for the science section of NRC Handelsblad on digital photography - one of the first publications on this subject for the general audience, then something completely unknown to most people. Over the years his focus changed to Nikon DSLRs, more or less a natural choice given his experience with Nikon equipment since 1974. In the last several years he has become one of the few in the world who combines expertise in the field of photography with the ability to write.

As an IT-journalist he has profound technical knowledge. One of his strong points is the ability to quickly understand complex technical and business topics. Specialties include programming – especially Java - and architecture. Other IT-related subjects like operating systems, databases, storage, offshore and applications are also within his scope, as are emerging technologies like cloud computing. During the years his focus shifted more and more towards the quality, efficiency and security aspects of software and software projects. This culminated in his book IT Leaks, which explains why there are so many problems in our society related to IT.

He loves to write about general, political and cultural journalistic subjects, although he hasn’t found much time to do so in the past decade. He has very good knowledge of the German political and cultural situation and speaks fluently German* He also writes German articles and books and has experience translating into the German language. As with IT and photography, he has the ability to quickly grasp the essence of complex political and cultural issues. On the personal side, Dré de Man is a great lover of classical music and literature. This interest is combined in his love of Lieder, so named from its heyday in the German Romantic period. For seventeen years now, he sings mainly Schubert and Schumann, though his performances are limited to private concerts. Music and literature do, however, have a relationship to his journalistic career: he started as an editor for the radio pages of Studio, the magazine of the Dutch broadcasting company KRO, where he focused on classical music. Recently he started to write about classical music again, now mainly on www.duholdekunst.com